Well I took the plunge last night and installed Windows 7 rc. Love it. The task bar is going to take a LONG time to get used to, but .. first thing I did was screw around, then install visual studio 2008 express. Flawless. XNA 3.0.. Flawless. Chrome.. Flawless.. Live OneCare.. WHAM! Blocked due to incompatibility. So I need to find some security software thats 7 compat. Otherwise, tonight I will get the rest of my stuff installed then we’ll see if I can deploy a project to the 360 using 7.. Crossing my fingers!

Forget it. Im too lazy to reinstall 90% of my stuff.. maybe next week. Ill have a week at home while the better half recuperates from her spinal-fusion surgery, so.. Laziness FTW!