Alright, success!! So far I have multiple projects in various stages of dev that all ran pretty much error free on the 360. The biggest issue is going to be re-doing the save/load routines.. apparently my code I thought would work on the xbox just causes a crash.. So, so far The 10 Gallon Squiggle, Suu-ey and Cannon #12 all run on the 360.

Kollectiv was originally a 1.0 project, converted to 2 when it was released. Now when I convert it to 3, it chokes dies, and refuses to build citing errors such as unable to find importer ‘effectimporter’.. doh.. The Pirate Game also has its own issues on the 360, even though it shouldnt have anything in there that would cause trouble.

I do need to go back through these projects and modify them of course. The biggest issue being the screen resolution and display. I think what I am going to do in the future is letterbox my games for windows, and stick with a 1280 x 720 res for xbox, design at 1280 x 1024 for pc with the option to adjust the pc res, defaulting to 800×600.

It also seems at 1280 x 720 on the xbox, with the tv’s I have checked so far, I dont need to worry about the titlesafe area for the top and bottom of the screen, just the left and right. And then even thats not too bad. Im losing about 80 pixels on the right and left using a 20’ish year old 19" tv.. I figure if it displays ok on THAT it should display fine on any other. (crosses fingers).

Im almost done re-working Cannon #12 to the new resolution and have it simultaneously working on xbox and pc both, with very very minimal changes. The pc version doesnt take into account the safe zone since most pc users are just using a monitor. The amount of people out there using a pc connected to a television is minimal from the statistics I have seen.