Well, I finally broke down and scraped up enough to pay for a 360. Picked it up on craigslist, 360 pro, still 11 months of warranty, the unit was never registered.. a couple games, extra controllers, all for $230.. then I gave him $10 to deliver since I cant leave the house. The wife had a spinal fusion surgery last tuesday so she has had to have almost constant help since she got released from the hospital. So i couldn’t leave the house and her unattended really.

So anyways, she is doing better, but the pain is still killing her. Its going to be a few weeks before things return to semi-normal.. but in the meantime, I have a 360 on my desk now, a trial CC membership so I can test, and hopefully within a month or 3, I will have at least Cannon #12, Possibly Suu-ey! and maybe.. maybe Kollectiv up there!

Here’s to stayin busy!