Well lets see.. just a changelog type post..

  • Added in player Options (helper drones)
  • Added in next level screen
  • Corrected gameplay to move to next level properly
  • Added in ability for Options to fire
  • New Title Splash & menu screens
  • Game now responds only to playerindex that hits start
  • Fixed game purchase code for XBLCG to properly sign in, check permissions & purchase
  • Added in Credits screen
  • Tweaks to gameplay and timers
  • Started work on How To Play screen
  • Possible new main menu in the works
  • Need to add generic windows gamepad input for pc versions

Thats about it for yesterday and today! Its shaping up nicely though and a lot more polished than what I had planned to release. But then I can release anything I think is a half-assed job.. Hence many projects, very few released to date.. Look for that to change soon!