Doh… Its amazing.. All the little bugs that creap up into a program.. and we go to such lengths to squash them sometimes, only to come back later and go .. oh crap.. if I had just done that… Thats exactly what tonight was all about..

I started a game.. launched.. paused.. exit to main menu.. boom! launching again! WTF?! Ok.. think it through.. Im using a modified input class from the Game state management, but im not using the gsm.. input is being updated.. it registered button a to return to the main menu.. crap.. it hits the main menu update routine BEFORE the input manager is updated.. so I screw around adding a slight pause, etc.. then I realize, my update is a bunch of IF statements.. so if I just reorder those so that the main menu update is in line BEFORE the pause menu, it will have to go through the whole loop again and input will be updated! W00hoo! 

Then I realize.. all I had to do is one If, and the rest should have been else if’s… DOH! ^%$#%$^%#$!!!!!! That would have been so much easier to do.. so I did it anyway, removed my hack of a pause, and what do you know.. it works.. I really dont know why I didn’t do that to begin with.. speaking of which, just to be safe.. (just edited the draw routines.. else if).. 

Ok. With that accomplished, I also got the difficulty selection screen built in tonight. Only took about an hour and a half, with most of that being the better halfs "come smoke with me" breaks.. and the bs’ing with the neighbors.. lol

So game difficulty is selectable, I now just have to go edit some timers, etc… to make the difficulty do something.. I still gotta redesign the HUD.. I still have to get the boss levels coded.. the particle system for the thrust and enemy cannons and bosses is all eyecandy. It can wait.. Oh, and the friggin options screen.. gotta get that done too. I figure once I get that done, Im got to get it to save.. and load.. still gotta a lot to do.. but in terms of programming it all, its not much.. It just SEEMS like a lot really.

Instead of being able to say "well I got 5 or 6 things knocked out tonight" it’s more like "wow.. 1 more thing done.." Ah well, It’s fun.. I hate polishing games once the basic gameplay is all there I want to be done.. but if I do that, well I can’t release anything for sale, so… polish….

Time to crash. Tomorrow is Day 4 of 7 at work.. 4 more days then a 4 day weekend… and the 4th of July.. Going to the in-laws new house for the first time, and plan on bringing my fishing pole. Their place sits right on the Snake River so I can sit on the back deck, cast my line in and fish from the porch! lolol