Well I was bored at work, so I broke down and built my ToDo list system for each project. Of course, only Cannon 12 has a list, but at least its in place, so instead of posting my lists… which are for my convenience… I can now just add the items, start an item, complete it, etc all through the website interface. Much easier to deal with, plus it doesnt generate extra page read counts.

New host seems to be working great so far, and if anyone needs hosting, might I suggest Justhost.com .. very quick and painless to set up using cpanel, much much much easier than 1and1.. they sucked.

Also, I got some more of the artwork done on the bosses last night. I need to finish the art up first before I start implementing the boss levels.. just a personal thing.. which also got me to thinking I should redo the art for the enemy cannons as well.. hmmm..