Ok, well there hasn’t been much time to work on Cannon 12 lately.. Been too busy with medical, home, long lost relatives, fishing, etc.. The usual stuff that keeps one miserably occupied.. lol

Anyways, I got my issue with the evil purple screen when applying the shockwave effect on the xbox. Turns out it was due to me changeing the DepthStencilBuffer back to default after appluing the effect.. Like I was taught to do.. Odd.. But as soon as I set it to the custom depth and left it, what do you know. It worked perfect!

Lately though another issue has been creeping up. Slooow launch times on the 360. At first I was thinking it was just the way it all worked.. then I realized.. hey.. im loading in all my content before I ever draw anything.. So its got a 30-60 second pause between launch and the splash. Fortunately I think I have my solution.

I’m going to change my title splash page (where it waits for a controller to hit start).. to a loading / title page. I will only load the barest content to display and show the SFS logo splash page, then switch to the title page. Instead of showing the Press Start, I’ll display a loading message and then change it to the start option once the content is properly loaded.

That should eliminate that long ‘pause’ at the beginnning of the game. Not sure if I am going to do a loading bar or not, but.. that will be decided later.

After thats done, hopefully this weekend, I need to get to work on particle systems. I also need to get an animation in there for the enemy cannon exploding. Right now, you hit it, boom. Next level screen. heh