If you have an idea for a good HUD for Cannon #12, send it to me and if I use it, I’ll give you credit in the game. Plus, if Cannon #12 makes enough money to warrant a payment from Microsoft to me (once released on XBox Live Indie Games), you’ll get $25 USD deposited via a PayPal account when the check rolls in as a bonus!

HUD’s should be sent in .png format, with a .PSD or .PSPImage with layers and all appropriate images. The game windows is 1280 x 720, so the hud should be small but easily read on a pc monitor or television. The HUD can be placed anywhere on the screen but should not be so large as to obstruct a large area of screen. The HUD is designed to autohide when the player collides with it as well.

Entries can be emailed here. Since I doubt I will get more than 1 or 2 entries total, well, we’ll see what happens!


The HUD must include :

Shield Level: Image & number, 0-100%

Lives Remaining: icon preferred or #

Score: formatted #

Level: number

Armed Indicator: Icon preferred to indicate player cannon is armed & ready to fire


Good luck!