Well, there isn’t much left to do on Cannon #12. But what’s left is going to take me a little time, but should be able to be completed by my self-imposed deadline, July 7th.. when DBP submissions open up.

The first is the Particle Systems:

For all of the particles systems in the game, I will be using DPSF. I love this thing. It makes it a lot easier, at least for me, to develop. I only wish someone would write a visual editor for it. I still have to figure out how to write an explosion system.

Second is the Boss Levels:

These are going to be relatively simple to code. The graphics are there, I just haven’t coded them in yet. Right now they are just showing as normal levels while I figure out *how* I want them to play out.

Third is tweaks to the High Scores

Right now my high scores system works just perfect and does what I need it to do. On windows. On the Xbox, well, it just crashes. But then I haven’t even looked at it yet to see why. Soon!

Lastly is finishing up the minor little details and items. I spent last night implementing the pause screen in game, handling both pc, purchased and trial versions. That works out pretty sweet. I did break my main menu music though.. For some unknown reason, I can’t get it to STOP playing now. The code is all there.. but then I never rebooted nor did I completely rebuild it for either platform. It *SHOULD* be stopping, and I never messed with any of that code.. so..

I also got the explosions and shockwaves in for the enemy stations when they explode, along with a delay before it fades out to the next level screen. Now I need to add in the Sfx for that and tweak that routine a bit. After that its just a few minor tweaks..

Im probably going to have to revisit the HUD again.. After redoing it, it doesnt feel right.. grrr.. plus I need to increase the font size.. again.. The current Hud though just doesnt ‘fit’ the game. Anyways, back to this thing they call ‘work’..