Ok.. Im done.. not with Cannon, but with messing with something I don’t think I need to mess with to be honest.

So, one of the bosses I had planned is a rotating boss.. To make it worse, where only certain parts of the boss are collidable, a regular rectangle bounding box wouldn’t work.. So with the help of a lot of good people on the XNA CC forums, I came to the bright conclusion, per pixel collision is not going to work. The bosses are too big and its way too slow. A rectangle was out since it was rotating and didnt fit what I wanted.. So a polygon! Sure!

so I set about creating my polygon using a list<vector2>.. then the next hurdle.. making it rotate with the boss.. Ok.. hurdle jumped.. got that working.. next step .. collision between a rectangular bounding box and the polygons.. this hurdle is like 50 foot high and made of concrete.. and angled inward so it cant be climbed..

Ok, maybe its not quite that bad, but seriously.. do I really need polygons? In my digging and reading, I happened upon a picture of a 3d airplane outlined in bounding spheres.. DOH!!

So that got me thinking. It would be much easier to keep a list of points on my boss, I can use the same method I was using for the polygon to get it those points to rotate with the boss. Then I can just implement a collision for rectangle->circles and it should be much easier.. I think.. With circles I at least know how to determine my area in code and determine if a point is in it..

I plan to look at the FarSeer library as well as one person pointed out since it handles poly collisions as well, but if it looks like too much extra for 1 thing, ill skip it.

So off onto my next tangeant, rectangle->circle collision testing.. Gotta be easier than polys…. Gotta get these bosses done.. only got till Aug 6th.. plus my personal deadline of mid July.. crap.. almost there..

Wife goes into surgery tomorrow, relatively simple procedure so that gives me a couple days to code while she recovers.. in between all the "honey can you get me’s "