Well, its coming along nicely.. I’ve had a lot of delays lately.. The better half had to have her 5th surgery in 4 years for her back on wednesday. This last one in may left a open wound in her stomach that wouldn’t heal, so we’ve been dealing with that for 2 months, this surgery should have fixed that.. so that gives me some time to get back to coding!

I have the bosses almost done. I saw almost, because right now, they launch, they can move.. they can fire at you, and you can blow up portions of them. Blow off a weapon, it no longer fires.. The only catch is right now, their bullets cant hit you. I have the new laptop at work, and even though I’m not supposed to be, I am working on the code.. its slow today in tech support.

So heres my goals to complete today:

  • Add sound effects for boss firing / player bullets hitting boss
  • Add sound & explosion fx when player blows off a piece of the boss
  • Allow game to continue to next level once boss is destroyed
  • Add collisions to enemy bullets so they can hit you

If I get that accomplished today, I’ll be thrilled, because that will complete 4 of the 5 bosses.. the 5th boss is going to be basically the same, but I am going to code it as a separate class in order to handle the special circumstances.. Its the one thats been holding me up this last week or two.. trying to figure the best way to make it work.. all I need now is some good art for boss 4 & 5 and that will do me for art completely!