That sucked.. I knew I was pushing it throwing Kollectiv and Cannon both up for review.. But I also knew I’d get valid feedback from it, and the week wait was no big deal at all, especially with my schedule. So I started working on correcting the issues with Cannon and discovered more, and a few limitations with the way I was handling the storage device.

In order to preserve the opening experience, title splash, company splash, etc.. I had the user select the storage device as the very first thing when the game ran, then played through all of that.. It worked.. but then I discovered while I could select the storage device with the 2nd controller, if I cancelled it I got the proper message telling me I needed to select one but I couldnt close the messagebox without hitting the close on player 1.. doh.. Well that

started a whole new list of problems. The storage device manager pops up a dialog that requires a player to confirm and select the device. Well, I wasnt actually checking to see which controller was in hand until AFTER that.. So that if you canceled the dialog the storagedevice class defaulted to popping the dialogs for .. So I had to rewrite my entire opening sequence and the order in which everything was handled. It now works, but I did make one change and I am requiring the player to use a logged in controller. end of story. Most people are going to be logged in anyways, so its really not a big deal. 

Tonight and the next 2 days I’m going to finish going through the Evil and Not So Evil checklists.. Once Cannon is passing all of that I will move back to Kollectiv and rewrite its opening / loading sequence as well so that I am only responding to the controller the player signed in and started the game with. Only one controller will control the menus and everything but at this point thats the best way to handle it. 

I know I still have 1 or 2 things left to do to Cannon.. I’m pretty sure the way I set up the storage is that it doesnt use a profile per player, but per console.. so if the player signs out in the middle, it shouldn’t cause me any problems, but I want to test it to be sure.. I’ve only got a month left of my membership from the DBP.. so I want to get things going pretty quick. 

I’m also working on rewriting Suu-ey in between everything else. I recently decided to start  playing with rigging and animating 3d models. Now this is something I have never ever attempted to do before. It took me about 24 hours total spending a couple hours here and there to rig my first model. I found a WONDERFUL tutorial out there that explained it in newb terms.. Some of the stuff I had to look for and dig around to figure out but it was a lot easier than 90% of the tuts I have found in the past.

Now mind you I am using a prebuilt model I bought, but I still had my work cut out for me, especially since I can barely draw a cube in 3ds max. Here’s what I ended up with:

Not too bad if you ask me.. I see some flaws, like my model was in 2 pieces and the scarf and part of the left boot were separate from the rest of the model.. But I figured out how to fix that.. Its also a little deformed in the rear in some moves, but hey, this was my first attempt.. lol ..

This will make animating my 2d characters a lot easier I think than trying to find someone who can draw and animate it all. Now I just need to find a .bip file of running in place. I have a couple running ones but none that run in place.. that would just seal the deal. 

Anyways, thats it for now..