Gotta love some companies.. Bills up for hosting. No biggee. Cant afford it this payday, but the 18th of this month will be fine.. So I email support to see about extending the billing date by 2 weeks.. Now.. Same contract dates.. Same price.. Just billed on Dec 18th instead of Dec 5th.. I’ve never run into a company that wouldnt make an arrangement for a long standing customer. They claim that by extending the due date it would be "Providing Free Services".. How? Same contract dates.. same payment amount.. just a different billing date.. thats not providing free service.. its called extending a due date.. But of course I was having fun with them in the emails asking for an explanation. Its got to be frustrating to some agent too when all they are allowed to do is email out a canned response saying the same thing in a million different ways without actually providing an answer or resolution.. 

Give it up for customer service! err.. non-service!