Doh… Stupid.. I should have known better… When I rewrote the majority of the gameplay of Suuey, instead of dropping the player into its own class, I just created it as part of the main game.. At the time, I hadn’t thought about multiplayer.. So now, when I went back in and started working on the multiplayer mode, well crap.. I was ending up with tons of little float[4]’s and bool[4]’s… duplicates of what I had. I know I shouldn’t have done it that way in the first place, but trying to cut corners.. oh well.. Frenzy and Normal modes are done, but I am going to go back tomorrow and rip the player out of the game and make it into its own class like i should have done to begin with.. Multiplayer will be a lot easier to implement after that! It will require a little reworking, but nothing nearly as significant as what I was looking at having to do.. 

In other words, don’t cut corners.. It’s going to screw you in the long run.. 

On a side note, I fired off an email to Daniel Frazier who did the original title music for Suuey and he has agreed to work on an in-game track or two this weekend! W00t! I love the job he did on the title, so I’m crossing my fingers for the in-game music!