Well, Oops.. After months of not having a good game to play, i’m bored with EQ2, I decided to grab a copy of WoW.. I’ve played before but considered it something to play ‘in between’ good games.. There haven’t been any good games (mmo’s) lately, so I ended up playing again.. Got my pally to 65 in the last month starting from scratch on a new server, Zangarmarsh..

But, I plan to get back to business this weekend and get some work done on Suu-ey! I really want to get that into playtest at least.. I have been working on Coastal Glide as well for the Zune and Windows Phone 7 Series.. and progress is slow going on it, but it is going.. Need to finish up the ‘in-city’ tasks, then move on to traversing the map, then on to combat and some quests.. Should be interesting to build and I had some thoughts on the questing last night.. So we’ll see how that turns out.