You know, maybe i’m an idiot.. but one thing that would be nice is a sleep timer on some of these media devices.. and as far as I have seen there aren’t any.. soooo.. I threw this together in an hour and decided to release it.. Set you music or radio to playing, plug in some external speaker,s start the Zune Sleep Timer and turn it on and of course, thanks to XNA, when the app exits it reboots the zune and turns off your music.. done deal!

Controls are simple.. Up and down arrows to set your time.. 15 minute increments.. Red & Green arrows reset the time left.. Start starts.. stop stops.. 

Not guaranteed 100% bug free, but I’ve squashed the couple I found, and well, something this simple, there isn’t likely to be much to begin with… Already rebuilt and changed 5 or 10 things.. lol

Maybe you or someone else will find a use for this! If you find it useful and want to help out a bit then feel free to donate a small something using the link on the left.. 

Link to CCGame File