In the process right now of rebuilding the Suuey! ccgame file and posting it up for play test.  I think most of the bugs are out.. and I redid the high scores screens to use the currently signed in gamertag for the current controller.. I still am not going to force players to sign in, so if there is no gamer signed in, it will default to ‘Guest’.. I had thought about implementing networked high scores, but at this point I’m going to skip that. 

I believe at this point, there are only some missing elements such as the rules pages, credits, etc.. and some fine tuning and polish left to be put in.. A few sound effects, and maybe some art assets will be changed.. otherwise its pretty much complete. None of the work from here on out will be anything affecting the actual gameplay. 

So it will be up for playtest within the hour.. please play it, keeping in mind its really aimed towards a younger audience and give me your feedback on the forums! thanks!