So, Im still carving out some of the details of how this whole system is going to work and interact, how often prices will change in the economy, combat… umm, yeah.. gotta think about that.. But I’m getting most of the code done for all of the things you can do in city.. at least the legitimate and legal things.. I’m still tossing around ideas like being able to make a raid on the bank, market, etc.. But we’ll see how that goes later.. 

The money lender, bank and shipyards are all done.. I did add a little more to the shipyards.. Players can now buy and sell ships in their fleet, upgrade their hulls for strength and arm their vessels with 3 different kinds of cannons. My goal isn’t super realism, but arcade type fun in all aspects of the game.. trading, playing the market, ship to ship combat, etc.. I should get the city offices interface done this weekend along with the tavern and get a start on the market. City offices are going to be last, because they will be handling bounties on pirates, missions, etc and I’m still not entirely sure how I am going to handle all of that. Time will tell!