Audio previews are at the bottom of this post.. Take a listen to a couple of the new tracks from Dragon Music!

Well, I took back the new laptop less than 24 hours later, and picked up another one. This one is an HP G62-351NR, still a budget machine, smaller screensize (better portability!), and has a dedicated ATI chip that does support the hidef profile. Overall I miss the big shiny, but now I have the smaller, better and useful.

In other news, Dragon Music sent me another track this morning. Amazing piece of music.. again! if you need some game music, by all means they are at the top of the short list! Everytime I hear a new piece I am amazed at the quality of the work and it makes me want to work on the game that much more. I figure I still have many many more months of dev work on it, then testing, but it should be worth the wait. 

I plan to start working on a new teaser video or two soon for Coastal Glide featuring tracks from the game.

Enjoy a couple tracks from Coastal Glide created by Dragon Music!


 The Flag and the Ship

 Sea-Monster Battle