One of the troubles with being a sole developer of games and apps is it’s extremely easy to get really burnt out on a project.. Work on the same thing day in and day out, get stuck on a problem, and sometimes you just have to step away for a bit. Coastal Glide is one of those projects. There are things I want to do and systems in place that I need to work around, and I needed a break.. 

The easy way to get back on track is pick up a new distraction. In this case, I picked up an HTC Trophy running 7.. I love it.. I haven’t replaced my android yet.. so Im carrying around 2 phones.. (doh!).. but its getting to that point. I’ve never messed with silverlight before, but I’m finding it a nice change of pace. I had incorrectly assumed that going silverlight was like flash. No more xna, time to learn a new software and new language.. So I stayed away.. Well, I shouldn’t have because I was wrong.. 

Im enjoying learning Silverlight and coding for the phone right now, and planning to release my first app here before too long. Its a simple app, not even a game, but combines elements that are teaching me different concepts.. It’s using GPS, map services, the camera, uploads to a webserver and downloads back, and more.. It’s been a challenge, and well it might have a more limited audience due to the content, but I think it will do well. 

The other thing I’ve been learning is it really seems people want free things.. and they dont mind small ads.. Those people that have posted their numbers comparing ad based to priced apps, etc.. I thank you and appluad you.. I do think I’m going to go ad based the first go around, and maybe offer some extra features later for a cheap paid, ad free version. But I dont know if it would be worth it. I might just release both when I’m done, just to compare the numbers.. Im betting the ad-based will do better; much better.. 

Anyways, thats enough of my mumbling for now.. I have a database to get back to work on, and some scripts still to return some xml back to the app.. Plus redesign a couple pages.. plus.. the list goes on.. ;)

After this, it will be back to Coastal… which i was originally doing for the zune.. I could kick myself for deleting the zune code I already had.. I know better.. maybe I’ll move it to the phone.. might be worth it!