The title says it all. Kollectiv for the WP7 is released and on the market.. Its free and ad supported, so download your free copy right now!

Apparently I did my homework as well since it passed certification the very first time.. Also, I just submitted SimpleSleepWP7 to get certified.. Just a simple sleep timer.. Start your tunes, start simplesleep, start the timer and go…  Got a couple other projects in the works and with luck I should have at least 3-4 more apps submitted by the end of the year.. 

Next up, need to finish up work on SheepTimer and Varmint Thumper.. The Fishing App.. and then I have a name but haven’t decided anything else, but "It came from beneath the couch…" .. oh plus SLOA.. and Coastal Glide is going to get finished up too.. Coastal should have a release for the xbox and phone both.. but we shall see… I have to release it, I have a wonderfully amazing soundtrack and I can NOT let that go to waste.. I want to finish the game, its just a daunting task! But it will get there!