Well, spent a couple hours working on DriftAway.. basically a sound machine that allows you mix and match sounds, set the volumes, set the timer, and fall asleep to your favorite mix.. 

So, got the sounds.. Got the timers working tonight.. Still working on how to exit the app (click to see my other post).. So it plays the sounds, allows you to individually adjust the volume of each (on non-htc phones), set your timer and away you go.. The only things left now to do are to make certain variables persist between runs, saving and loading of presets, and then another screen that I havent decided what to call it yet.. Just a display with the time, time remaining, etc..

Hmmm. How do you embed a font into silverlight? Gotta look into that.. 

As for HTC.. HELLO?!  Microsoft reported the bug to you what, 10 months ago? and you still havent fixed it?

On the HTC trophy, hd7 and some other devices, apparently soundEffectInstance.Volume doesnt work.. If you set the volume to 0, its muted.. anything else, it’s full volume… Probably not even noticeable to the users, but to a developer, its a glaring bug.. So far HTC hasn’t called me either as they promised.. but I’ll give them till friday. THey did take down my work schedule which sucks during the week.. 

So basically in this app, I have to detect the phone, and if its an HTC, im just hiding the controls.. I’d rather give people a limited version than the normal and have them think its broke because the volume controls dont work… 

Anyways, enough whining / ranting / whatever you want to call it.. time for bed..