Well, heres the goal.. I have *GOT* to get Coastal Glide out this year.. and I’ve been hard at work redesigning it for the WP7 and touch.. funny.. it started as a Zune HD, then moved to Xbox, now back to touch.. hmmm.. Anyways, got the profiles, city screens, music, input, marketplace, bank, money lender, tavern, and 2 of the tavern minigames all working.. 

Hitch in my plan.. I pinched the laptop power cord in the recliner, heard of Ssssszzzzzzz sound, and realized i broke it..

didnt hurt the laptop, but cant charge it.. doh.. gonna cut it and splice it together tomorrow.. then time to finish up the last tavern minigame and move on .. Next after the tavern is the shipyards.. about 8 total screens there to redo for touch and redesign for a smaller screen and a *TON* of artwork to redo / resize.. that will take a week… easy…  

After that I’ll be in shape to figure out the travel screens… for smaller and for touch, really gotta think that one through.. then add in the combat… then go back and do the city centers and finish up the taverns and rumor systems.. the economy is already done and in place and updating and working as planned.. thats good.. 

So while there is still a LOT to do, some of which hasnt been written yet, it’s well on its way to being done! AND it WILL be the WP7 GAME OF THE YEAR if it kills me!!!!  This thing is epic!!! IMHO… lol and the soundtrack? Holy.. i cant say enough about it! Hopefully i can get it done in time for DBP since i saw in one of the emails there is a WP7 category this year!! W00t!!!!

Anyways, its 4am.. i need sleep..