Havent logged into StarWars in a week.. gonna break down and log in shortly.. But… Im going to get the free travel map working first.. I have it drawing the tiles and water, and the player, and the camera.. obviously from the image.. It can now properly identify whichever tile your currently in.. all the way to the very edge..

If you look close you can see critters under the water.. I have each tile set up so that each one has properties such as collision rectangles, etc.. On the xbox version I tested against those then did per-pixel collision. Im not sure how that will run on the phone, but I guess we’ll see.. There are shipwrecks floating in the sea you can pick up.. cities on the map can be discovered if you sail close enough.. no encounters with other ships.. Im still debating on adding in other traffic on the map you can see, and potentially interact with.. 


Ive also discovered the emulator sucks.. It runs this at 10-15 fps on the emulator, but on both of my phones, it runs at a smooth 30… 



Since I cant use custom shaders on the phone, I’m going to have to think of a new way to draw my water.. since its 2d, I’ll probably end up with some kind of animated tile.. not sure yet.. So, its off to work collisions and water!