Ya know, after a while you just gotta break from coding.. but coding is back on track.. and tonight we finally tackled distracting your enemies by dumping precious cargo overboard!

Now, why on earth would you want to dump cargo in the sea?? Well.. duh! To distract the enemy! And thats exactly what it does.. I added a small set of commands to the bail cargo order so that you can now select the rough amount of cargo you want to dump.. Small, medium and large.. so anywhere from 1 to 15 tons.. 

Now, each enemy ship will see you dump the cargo, and being greedy little peoples, they may stop firing for a couple moments to check out and haul up what you dumped! Now, when the odds are against you, that can save a ship or 2! Of course, its a rather small chance that they’re going to bother with it, but hey, every little advantage can help!

I also *think* i tackled the mystery bug thats been bugging me.. so tomorrow I’m going to crank the tunes and see what I cant come up with for some kind of random opposing fleet generation..  That should fully flesh out this part of the combat.. then I can quickly add in the other types of encounters I wanted.. and then move on to boarding ships!!! 

Obligatory screenshot follows showing cargo controls..



Now.. Bedtime… gotta be at work in, oh, 9 hours?