Well, Im not sure if this is going to stick, but since I started reworking the encounter screens, I wanted to find a better way of displaying the options for each craft.. In the original encounter program I did, it was a proof of concept, the ‘orders’ didnt do anything, it just displayed the ships, sunk them, shot at em, let off smoke trails, all just to put little bits together into a working form.. And it never really made it beyond that.. 

So now, Im working on the encounters from a different angle, starting with being able to order issues… of course, if you dont care there will be an AUTO button, but it might not be as efficient as you think… ;)  You gotta strategize. that big ship? he’s gonna take a lot more firepower to knock down.. 

So here, we have the basic combat screen.. minus any special effects.. of course, subject to change..  

So, at the beginning of a combat sequence, your going to get a display detailing each ship individually and allowing you to give orders to each one. If you have a frigate loaded down with all your gemstones or ivory, you want it out there.. you might not want it to stick around and oops.. it got sunk.. 

Now, this image is just a mockup, but I think this is something along the lines of what I want to go with.. I do need to add some additional details to this screen showing the ships armament, health, etc.. but I’ll add that later.. 

Of course, click on each image for a full size version.. but this gives you a general idea.. you can order a ship to auto attack, manually target, prepare to board (maybe), dump cargo (gives you a little more headstart on fleeing), and of course, fleeing.. Orders I think will be automatically carried through for subsequent rounds.. so you dont have to do everything manually every time.. unless you want to.. I do need to add one more option, and thats an IDLE command.. basically sit back, do nothing.. and maybe even a DEFENSIVE POSITION.. I’ll have to think about those.. 

In the large selection circle, the ships "current" orders will appear as an icon on the upper left.. As you can see here, right now this ship is simply sitting idle.. 

Theres still a few more things I want to think about on the combat before I implement it all, but its coming along quite nicely.. I’d also debated about doing a more arcade type of combat, or a top down battleship type view, but I dont think those really fit here that well. I like this angle.. besides with this angle, i can get my splashes added back in.. and my smoke.. and lots of other cool things.. =D

Any ideas, suggestions, hate mail, stalkers? send em to me via twitter @squigglyfrog .. 

Anyways, time to go read a bit, think about this system a bit, oh yeah.. and do that thing called sleep…