So, that order entry screen stuck with me.. I need to redo the icons but otherwise, its live now and working.. You can cycle through your available ships.. set your orders for each one.. and a lovely pulsing fire button.. that will likely be replaced.. 

Tomorrow I need to build in a bit so that for example, if you select to board or manually target an enemy, you will be able to select which ship you want to target. I know how I am going to do it, its just a matter of putting together the assets and getting it coded.. 

Tonight though, I have to stop. I’m double clicking things i need to single click and know it, and the energy just aint there to keep going.. I did finish reading The Hunger Games though.. and damn, Book 3 was my favorite.. get in there and fight back for a change! later!

62 Days to Go!!!


Oh, and I’ll figure out why the framerates low later.. Didnt drop till I added the Fire button… huh..


Obligatory Screenshot: