Well, the last 2 days I slacked a bit.. Between a couple doctor appointments and working outside, I didnt do a whole lot.. on the bright side, We’re gonna give this whole Quitting smoking thing another try.. this time with Chantix… since work pays for it.. 

Anyways, did do a little more of the encounter system yesterday.. Since I’ve made a few changes to the game since I originally prototyped the combat system, a lot of it had to be redone.. So right, all of orders can be issued.. and as of yesterday afternoon, our ships can now fire and shoot each other… and sink… with smoke… i love it.. =D   

I still have a few more things to work out.. such as making the ships follow their assigned orders instead of an all out auto attack battle like its set to now.. Also, we’re going to have crew on the ships.. Thats gives me another use for the taverns as well.. Where else would a respectable pirate / merchant hire a good crew?

I previously had 3 different types of weapons for each ship.. when I redid the armaments screen, i bumped that up to 6.. So at least 1 of the other 3 is now anti-personel weapons.. You dont want to sink the ship your trying to board… this also means I need to work on another combat system for hand to hand.. Unless I skimp and make it more of an automated thing.. I dont know yet.. I dont want people starting the game and ending up boarding and having a 10 ship fleet in minutes.. So I have to come up with some ways to limit that.. Maybe you wont be able to board until you can afford to buy the anti-personel weapons.. 

I think tonights plan of attack involves dumping the laptop in the trunk, pulling out the fishing pole and seeing how many worms I can drown, then come home and work on processing each ships orders and getting that working before bed.. at least the ship to ship..