Faction can wait.. Encounters are integral.. faction is not.. as much.. So been plugging away at the encounter screen with the help of Pandora.com.. Added some new functionality to it.. Manual targetting is in.. Select your ship, hit the manual target button, select the enemy ship.. Because of how large groups of ships can appear close together, no you dont get to select a ship by tapping it.. instead, arrows and a target button.. it works though..

I also redrew the order icons and added a flyout for each one.. Tap to select the order, Hold to see a flyout and brief explanation of what it does.. 

Implementing the orders is essentially done as far as controls.. The majority of handling orders will be during the actual combat. I haven’t decided yet if combat is going to be in rounds.. or constant with a ‘pause’ button to allow you to adjust your orders. 

So tomorrow I get to get back into making the ships shoot at each other.. all while trying to figure out how in the hell i’m going to keep the framerate above 1… I want particles.. and i know particles are going to kill me here.. But I will get it looking the way I want.. 

Time for a couple screenshots.. then I have a doc appointment in the morning.. gonna talk about Chantix… and quiting smoking.. ugh.. its a maybe.. at $181 for the "Starter" kit.. thats twice as much as buying smokes.. plus since you smoke the ‘first week’… thats a hell of a bill… so time for bed after this update..


New Icons!

Newly Redone Icons!


Manual Targeting

Manual Targeting!