This has been a long week battling a hell of a chest and sinus infection. Got antibiotics now.. But it also made me take 3 days off work.. During that time though, I have gotten a lot of work done.. Tomorrow its back to work.. On the other hand, tonight I was able to get the ships pathing done. It took a little bit to rethink how to implement it since the cities are randomly placed per gameworld, and theres a random number of them.. But in the long run, all the ships know their starting and ending locations and dock properly. Now im going to run through about 1500-2000 iterations of their paths to make sure nobody causes a crash.. Im pretty sure I have double checked everything and the test case I created to double check passes with flying colors.. BUT… you never know.. So long as i remember to keep the phone ‘awake’ it will run tests .. at least until sister act goes off..