Woohoo! Got the travelscreen fully implemented into the game itself now! (screenshot below) Theres a few minor things I still need to do.. My other ships are traveling on random preset paths, not necessarily actually going to or from cities.. So I need to work those out so that they only move to and from cities on the map.. and since the cities are different and in different positions for each new ‘game’, well, it should be easy enough to work out. I also need to work out a frequency for them.. How often do i want people to see them.. 

So as of now, you can set sail, drift around the map, even dock at other ports.. controls feel better too now.. also, im hiding the zoom and rotation controls by default..  Once i get the other ships pathing properly, i will work on the shipwrecks so they are actually worth something.. Then, i need to get it saving and loading the profiles every time you enter or leave a city.. I forgot I had disabled that.. 

I did find some old graphics for some extra gameplay i had thought about adding in.. Might work on that too.. ;)

I still think I’m going to add in an option to ‘fast travel’ between ports if you have discovered them.. I dont know how exactly I want to do that, but it would be a timesaver.. but to use that option, you’d still have to go out and discover the cities.. Im also thinking about bringing a city ‘faction’ back into play that would affect how a city responds to you based on your past actions.. Looting and rading merchant ships? you can bet some ports wont be happy to see you and would rather you accidentally sink before they allow you to dock.. 

But the majority of my task over the last several days is done.. travel is now IN GAME! And still running about 30fps! Woohoo!

I know I’m not the worlds greatest or most efficient programmer and I’m scared to find out how much memory im using…. I guess I have to do that sooner or later though…


Woohoo! Travel!