Well, I’m sure I’m going to refine this several more times.. But I finally have the enemy fleet generation… DONE.. I took the KISS approach to weaponizing the enemy.. Overall, they are going to tally how many cannons you have, divide that by the number ships they have… add in some randomization here and there.. and then assign cannons to each ship.. Overall, gives a pretty comparable fleet to what you have without horribly overpowering them.. Like i said, I’ll probably end up revising and refining it, but for now its there and it works.. quite decently..

I also started optimizing combat a little bit.. Some of these random fleets can get pretty darn large.. So I will play with that later.. Its really only when the computer decides it should be a larger fleet or smaller ships.. so I think to offset that a bit I’m going throw one or two larger vessels into its little tallying routine.. should make for a "smaller" larger fleet of smaller ships..

Also adjusted the particle system updates and readded one I forgot about.. so now your ships cannons actually smoke when they fire.. as they are supposed to..

Lessee.. Oh, the cannonballs before were, well, pretty dang big.. So I scaled those back a bit and adjusted their scaling through their happy little flight paths.. looks MUUUCH better now..

Oh yeah, also made the health display for your ships, actually work.. I forgot I had hardcoded to display 100% every time when I was designing that.. Oops! =D   So now it shows your real health levels, as well as color codes..

So.. what else do we have to do to combat…  Couple thing I want to do, and couple that I have to do..

I have to create my final cannon ball graphics.. got 6 types of cannons, 2 of which I havent even decided what they are, much less what they look like.. and then the anti-personnel .. gotta design that.. 

Umm, the first 5 of the cannons all do damage.. type 6 does nothing right now except fire.. so that should be some relatively simple code to well, to make those kill off your crew members.. =D

As far as the Have To Do list, that about sums it up.. This block is pretty much done.. 

I do want to try to add in some visual damage indicators.. torn sails, etc.. but thats a luxury, and it isnt ‘necessary’ per se.. but I just had a thought on how to do it.. Another reason I write this stuff out.. File thought for tomorrow.. its 3am.. 

Once thats all done, I guess I’m going to move on to some of the other encounter types.. Next up should be the big ghost ship… =D