Well, as I said, I needed the critters in the game.. thats all there was to it.. So the past couple days have been spent working on that.. Of course, the design and class I had carefully built up for the ships just wasn’t going to work, so for the critters, it had to be done mostly from scratch.. Well, a lot of copying and pasting at least.. 

As of tonight, Creature 0 is done! Woohoo! Getting the combat actually working was my biggest thing.. and yes, theres a few minor things I need to add still, but its 95% done.. Right now, creatures dont ‘sink’ or ‘die’.. when they die, the game just exits… perfect for now.. But I do want a sinking.. or something for the creatures, so I’ll add that in tomorrowish..

Also while at work being interupted from coding by pesky customers… I decided the night time scene for creatures just wasnt good enough.. sure it was darker.. and we had lightning .. but it was missing ambience.. Now we have got full fledged rain and thunder and lightning and.. its beautiful if I dare say myself.. Combining that with the animations I got working last night, perfect..

No matter what kind of encounter it is, right now when you or the enemy dies, it just exits.. in the hand to hand encounters, I have a victory or defeat on the screen.. I want to add that same element to this.. all of course in preperation to integrate into the main game which I hope to start thursday and friday which is my weekend..  

Oh, and I figured out why fraps wasnt recording mouse strokes right.. well, as soon as I enabled recording win 7 input, it just did it.. so.. Got a video of the creature combat.. of course some debugging stuff is there, like %’s and all, damage needs to be adjusted, etc.. but it works.. Hope you enjoy…



Doesnt look too bad on here.. looks better on the laptop or the phone of course.. Anyways, with this creature done, it’s just a matter of modifying the class to allow others.. Probably only going to start off with 2 for now.. that way I can get to work on the more important integration and getting something together for DBP!

And since I have now 8 hours till I have to be AT work.. later!