Took a short break.. bought Diablo 3.. cursed Blizzard for a horrendous launch and servers being down…. got back to coding tonight..

So, the hand to hand portion is done.. I’ve made some adjustments to it and added in the variations based on game difficulty. I’ve also updated it so that I can use this portion of the gameplay in other parts of the game, swapping out backgrounds as needed.. Works quite nicely.. Just have to design the backgrounds..

Also, word to the wise.. just because you choose easy mode, it does NOT guarantee victory by any means… I also took a bit of time tonight and added in health bars for each of the player and enemy entities on the screen.. that way the player has an idea of where they stand. There isnt a whole lot to combat.. but if you think about it, you can really up your chances or winning. 

Lessee… I think thats all I did tonight.. There were a few tweaks here and there, and some code cleanup, but thats about it.. Tomorrow I’m going to go back to work on the Ship to Ship encounters.. and tweak and clean that up a bit.. I never did add in creature or trade fleet options, and I am still not so sure I want to do that right now with time running down the way it is.. There is still so much more I need to get done.. It will be fully playable for DBP, I just dont think it will be ‘finished’.. 




Anyways, time to crash.. tomorrows a new day and I need to get out there sometime tomorrow and wash the mustang.. poor girls DIRTY!! Plus its payday… might go code at the coffeeshop for a bit if I get up early enough..