Ok.. So got the hand to hand combat integrated today, and realized a few pitfalls that I have to work around.. 

Well, to back up.. reconciliation is done on the ship to ship encounters.. made a few extra changes, and got the reconcile working.. It removes any sunk ships, updates their health and crew, and if the player dumped any cargo as a distraction it removes that cargo.. all of that works great…

So then I worked on adding the melee combat in.. I have it in place and working fine.. BUT, I realized one issue.. In the game, you can buy a cannon that fires caltrops.. which is an anti-personnel weapon.. it *should* reduce the crew you’d be facing when and if you board.. However.. Once I got the melee intregrated I realized the melee system I built created an enemy crew around the amount of player crew that it was passed.. so those anti-personnel weapons were useless..

So now I’m going to rework how I work out the crew.. and take an average of all the player crew, modify that value and then divide it and assign it to the enemy ships on the encounter screen.. then the antipersonnel weapons will have an effect and I can pass their crew value over to melee as well.. 

Now back on Melee, once victory or defeat is handled, need to reconcile that with the proper ship and then work it if the ship is salvage worthy.. I dont want the player to be able to build a humongous fleet right from the beginning just by boarding a bunch of small ships.. 

So thats on this weekends ToDo list.. in addition to that I still need work on shipyard screens… I have to adjust their health displays, as well as add a crew count to the review screen.

Once thats in, I’ll go back to the tavern screen and add in some more to it other than just the games there now. I want to be able to Buy a round of drinks to loosen tongues, work on that rumor system, and most importantly add the ability to hire crewmembers..

I think Im also going to add a player reputation to the player profile.. since I want to have city factions, I want to be able to adjust a reputation and effect things like pricing, available crew, etc..

I’m also go to add the ability to commision a ship to be built if time permits… I know how I want to do that, just have a few things to work out..

I also have an annoying crash.. it appears the screenmanager is hanging on to some stuff from the ship encounters.. if you enter ship combat, win or flee, whatever.. then enter again, its crashing with a null value somewhere.. which tells me the screenmanager is completely releasing everything when you exitscreen… like I expect it to.. should be easy enough to fix though.. 

Anyways, now its time for a Diablo 3 break..