SHort entry.. Im tired and its almost 3:30am.. hell, it WILL be 3:30 before I get this posted..

Anyways… added another encounter type… and I modified the combat a little bit.. Difficulty settings really hadn’t played  a part at all in the game until tonight.. So I spent a good while tweaking the difficulty levels.. easy is, well, easy.. hard is now known as Not quite hell mode.. 

Also, we added in a night time mode, complete with lightning strikes.. You can’t have these ghost ships floating out and about in nice sunny clear weather conditions, can we? Tomorrow I’m going to find some nice sound effects for my thunder and lightning strikes and get those added in appropriately.. thunder first.. then lightning.. 

What else.. Oh yeah.. ghostly things are insubstantial.. in ways.. yes, here they attack you and you can attack back.. but you cant set foot on em.. you’d kinda, well, fall through the deck.. Yes.. its my phsyics and my reality.. Your not boarding a ghost ship and trying to take it over.. Sorry no dice there.. So I tweaked the order entry system so that you cant even try.. 

I have 2 different types of encounters still to add to the game.. The trade fleet… and the critters.. The trade fleet I am going to have add some more AI too.. in theory, this will be either a heavily guarded fleet, or lightly guarded, and I need to make the computer realize that its ships full of valuable cargo dont need to just sit there and get the crap bombed out of em.. 

Critters now.. thats going take more time because I need to modify a few thing and handle how they attack.. I cant have a giant squid firing cannonballs out of its mouth.. or can I?  So I have a bit of thinking there to do.. then once all this is added, its just a matter on integrating it into the main project.. The way I coded this little portion, it should be realatively quick and painless.. Theres a few things that will take some time to work through, reconciling the ship lists, etc.. but still should be easy enough since I had that original plan in mind when I designed all this..

I know.. Im probably repeating myself and rambling by now.. Oh, no screenshots tonight.. I dont feel like reloading and redeploying an uploading and all the stuff associated with that, which I could have done in the time I took to write this, but oh well.. 

Yep.. 3:32am.. time for some shut eye… and my little Countdown on my google page tells me .. 35 days.. yikes..