No matter if theres a lack of updates, bug fixes and updates continue.. I’m also getting tired of this host being soooo friggin slow, so I am also in the process of transferring everything over to a new host.. Paid for 12 months already, so we’ll see how that goes.. now if they would just give me a *VALID* EPP code… I’d be set..

So, game progress..  

I did get the pause screen added into the game and in place.. I still have a bit of work on that. I need to make it reconcile the lists if you quit the game mid-combat.. so that way you cant quit and get any sunk ships back.. then again, I might leave that out, i dont know yet.. 

Game flow.. you can now happily start the game, do everything, set sail, dock.. random encounters are in and frequency has been adjusted.. If you just set sail and have NOT been in an encounter yet, then the chances are slightly higher. 

Encounter progress the way they should.. smoothly going from ship to ship to melee if your boarding.. and all of that reconciles properly.. The only thing left on that is to determine if the ship is salvageable and if it is, add it to your list.. Also, loot after a ship encounter needs to be added in.. Right now there is a delay on the phone when an encounter starts.. mostly due to texture loading.. its not very long, and I think I have a way to deal with that.. 

Umm, updated all the music and ambience to only play if the game has media player control.. TOns of other minor bug fixes and updates that I dont remember now.. 

Fixed a bunch of bugs, clearing out static lists when they are no longer needed in the encounter screens.. There is a bug here though.. Random encounters no problem.. But if you run into one of the ships on the map, finish that, then hit another, it crashes.. it only did it on the phone and not in debug, so need to check that out..

Also, I noticed tonight, one of my shipyards disappeared from a city..which is odd.. thats the first time ive ever seen that behavior.. So Im going to clear everything off the phone and rebuild and deploy and check that out some more.. After playing a while on the phone too, I noticed a trend of wayyy too few shipyards in cities.. I actually travelled to 9 cities before I found one.. I cant have that.. So Im going to increase the chance of each city having a shipyard. 

Also in the next day or so, Im going to change the way cities are well, chosen.. for the gameworld.. right now its all random, which can occasionally lead to a continent without any cities.. not ideal.. So I think I’m going to change it to x amount of cities per map sector.. that should give a nice balance across the map.. 

Most everything is coming together quite nicely.. It’s not going to be finished finished for DBP, but it will be fully playable.. although I do need to get some real quick graphics in place and remove the ones I cant use before I submit it.. that troubles me.. I suck at drawing.. 

Oh, and I have a new laptop being shipped.. going to a 2nd gen core I7 .. havent used intel in years upon years.. but it should be a 5 fold improvement over the processor in this laptop.. W00t! no more 45 second build times after a 2 second change!!

*I hope…


Well, back to email argueing with my current webhost…