OK.. Now we go into panic / cram / code mode… as of now, its the 7th.. 5 days…

I will say this now, there is no way in hell this will be completely done by the 12th.. It will be mostly done and definitely playable.. but its going to be missing a lot as well.. Help screens, game options like volume control, saved scores, factions, art assets.. But I think it will still stand a decent chance.. All I can do is hermit myself and code from the time I get up till I go to bed.. 

So today… Finally got JustHost to give me a proper EPP code so I could finally transfer the last domain to this new host. Theres a couple minor things to fix on squigglyfrogstudios.net, but thats it.. Plus, the way its setup now, since I dont have to have that domain in the root directory anymore.. it can be more organized.. Also, got the last of the software I think i need installed on the new laptop this morning..

Coding updates… lessee.. Idid! I did findz me a bug!!

For some reason lately, I’d dock at a city, it would have a shipyard.. I’d leave and come back again, and the damned town had torn my shipyards down!!! Plus, no matter WHERE I went, noone had ships for sale.. found a bug in the city code that when you docked, it was checking to see if there was a shipyard, and if so a ship.. Now.. I have 2 bools here.. ShipAvailable.. and ShipyardAvailable.. I think you can guess what I did.. 

I also spent a couple hours reworking city placement on the map.. the big thing here is I needed cities spaced out.. occasionally you’d get one of the landmasses that would have no cities at all.. Bad deal.. so I divided my map into quadrants, labeled which cities live in what quandrant, divided my continents by quads… etc etc. It now places a proper aount of cities across the entire world without any bunched up.. 

I also adjusted how many shipyards would show up in the game.. Right now, its a minimum of 70% of the cities will have a shipyard, which I think is a good number considering theres an average of I think its in the range of 16 – 22 cities total.. 

There were a bunch more small bug fixes.. nothing worth noting.. Oh, I made the pause screen request a game save too.. 

Also started in the loot systems for after ship to ship and any melee combat is done.. I have the popups displaying now, tomorrow I’ll work out the loot tables for those.. Its based on the shipwrecks, but not quite..  I know I did more than that today, or at least I hope I did.. lol

As for my todo list, it keeps getting longer..

Apparently I didnt finish the reconciling after a melee encounter.. at least according to my notes I didnt.. worst part is, I dont know what I didnt finish.. need to make better notes and will have to look at that tomorrow.. =D

OH, and fun little tidbit.. When I got the new laptop.. Came in a brown box via Fedex.. opened the brown box, pulled out the laptop box.. Got the laptop box open, and WTF? ANOTHER box.. solid black. black handle.. open that up, and the laptop is encased in a (velvet?) embroidered black cloth sleeve.. Never seen a laptop packaged like that.. Im keeping the bag / sleeve though.. Pretty impressed with this little laptop.. and it even has.. get this.. a volume KNOB.. hehe =D  Retro FTW!