Ok.. Crushed more bugs.. =D   Been playing through whats available, noting all the bugs and started squashing them again.. This is just an idea of what all I have done and still need to do.. =/


Plus I have an odd bug.. In the shipyard popup, its loading 3 different SoundEffects which are just ambiences… Now, it works fine if you dock, go to the shipyards.. but for some reason, I think I have narrowed it down.. but if your in a ship to ship combat, then dock, then go to the shipyards, its giving me an out of memory exception in the emulator.. memory usage *looks* fine.. but obviously something isnt right.. so definitely have to dig into that some more.. wierd.. =(


Fixed Tonight:

  • game now properly saves after exiting any of the city screens, so everytime crew is hired or a cannon purchased or sold, its saved..
  • Fixed profile screen to properly default to Normal difficulty
  • Fixed a bug on the shipyard repair screen that was incorrectly calculating the max hull strength, making it think the ship was at full hull strength, thereby ignoring the button.. bad button.. bad!



Still To Go (tiny tiny sample) :

  • Need to redo controls on travel screen… sails on one side, throttle on other
  • SHipwreck popup did not give any options to haul out if no inventory room – need to give option to ‘manage cargo’ on that screen
  • Icons showing reversed on review fleet for cargo pricing.. need to flipflop plus and minus
  • back button on travel screen resumes at main menu… 
  • need to redo profile load screen.. 
  • City screen needs a player info / manage button
  • log screens need to work with flicks
  • need time to pass while sailing .. 100 px = 1 day?
  • need to update lender to take a payment once a month and demand payment at end of term
  • rumors in tavern
  • review fleet needs to be reworked.. more iconical than textual
  • need to add haptic feedback and audio feedback
  • etc.. etc.. etc… add about 3 more pages.. etc etc etc


Ah well, time to go kill off a chapter of the current StarGate book I’m readin then crash.. Until tomorrow!