Well, what started out simply to test getting an app on my Surface, and then a tutorial on water, continues on into a game.. Worked tonight and got the particle systems all added in for most everything I want.. I love DPSF and dan over at http://www.xnaparticles.com has done an amazing job, even getting me an early version of DPSF for WinRT.. Thanks Dan!

Adjusted the player death.. since im tracking mouse/touches now, if you died and never let up, it just rezzed you and you could easily miss dieing.. sad, but true.. =D  so I added a delay before you can revive… it was needed.. also built the pause menu and return to main menu menu, and a few other minor tweaks to scoring..

I think next on the agenda is adding in resolution independence.. that way when you run on it on a windows 8 machine, it doesnt matter what resolution its in, it will scale the input and all as needed.. otherwise when running on Windows 8, it makes it full screen, but mouse input well, that stays for the small rez.. easy to work around.. also next up, working more on scoring, recording high scores, and deciding how and if Im going to implement global leaderboards.. dunno yet..