Hard at work coding the in-city screens of coastal.. Got all the graphics done, displaying and all the extra on screen info displaying.. 

All of the original touch controls have been reimplemented and are working.. just gotta update all their controls and graphics.. So that makes 1 screen down, so only about 20 more to revise.. and then several completely new ones to design.. 

Originally I tried to rush and cut features to get this done in time for DBP 2012.. It was mostly done.. had a lot of placeholder art.. and yes, I could have submitted it.. but it was far from being up to my standards, and I didnt.. Im not skimping this time, and the features I wanted to implement, will be implemented.. 

Im going to attemp to make this a free app with in game purchases.. maybe some ads.. not sure yet.. If I do add in ad’s, Im also thinking of the "Pay What You Want" model to remove those ad’s.. minimum of $1.. but.. something to think about.. 

I am adding several new features that will enrich the game play a little bit. Something I originally wanted to add in was the ability to make offerings at temples for boons.. good winds, good luck, etc.. I plan fully on adding that in.. these will be purchaseable items with a special currency.. I dont have the details worked out, but there will be a conversion rate to change gold to this new currency, and this will also allow the introduction of the black market.. 

The black market will be the place for those shady deals.. the change of real world money to purchase favor and gold.. I might also offer some extra ingame items here, no concrete plans yet, so this has plenty of room to grow.. 

The warehouse, adding that in for spite.. I have some ideas, but again nothing concrete.. yet.. I do expect it will play a major part, possibly in some tasks.. 

The other thing I plan to do is to enhance character generation, and go back to my original plan of multiple maps.. I think some characters, depending on your choices make get different perks than others.. It may take me longer, but I swear.. this game WILL be released.. it may kill me.. but it will see the light of day!

Time to get back to work!