Coding completed on the shipyards! There are a few things which will change as I work.. mostly updating images and text for the 3 new cannon types I added. I’m also going to add in some stuff for the ship upgrades screen in order to accommodate idols and priests and all that.. But most of that will be cosmetic here. 

I’m also going to update the character profiles to give players levels, reputations with different countries and factions, etc. 

For now most of the base city screens have all been redone, but theres still all the travel and combat screens to update.. Those should be relatively easy however. I think tonight I’m going to do some research and finish up the tavern games.. Need a few more, plus I still need to redo Dead Mans Coin.. 

Plus I have been thinking about ways to convert this to a html5 base or something similiar so I could even turn it into a facebook game.. not sure yet though.. 

On to more fun!