Spent the evening ┬álearning how to painstakingly move all of my Drupal content over to WordPress. Most of the posts made it over without a problem, and those few (20-30) that didn’t, I am not going to worry about. I am also going to start a new way of posting.. I am going to continue to post updates to our facebook page, but I will also post the updates here. There are those that just don’t do facebook, and why have this site if I am not going to use it?

Have a dinner date with the wife and some friends tonight, after that though it’s back on to the Lost Treasures.. maybe some WoW.. but definitely working on some level building in treasures tonight.. This will actually be the first full game I have done in Unity and I still have a lot to term..

I started moving Coastal Glide over to Unity, but that was before I bought NGUI and learned how to use the gui elements.. so the whole profile screen in Coastal needs to be redone.. this time properly.