Coding away for the day at Lady Goldfish.. Have ads on the title screen implemented, interstitial ads every 2 levels, and a new pause screen. I’m setting this up so that ads are only on non-gameplay screens and present enough to hopefully get an in app purchase of .99 to remove em, but not be a hindrance like some apps out there.. kind of a fine line… I may even change the interstitials to every 3 levels, and may add an ad at the bottom of the level complete screen as well. Will have to see… 

I have to give a salute to Reign Studios and their unified mobile plugin.. This thing is $95 off their website, $125 on the asset store, but it covers just about everything all in one package. I looked at Prime31 too, but I think this was the better way. Support so far has been, well, nonexistent on the forums. At least for the week I’ve had my couple posts up, but I realized that before I bought this. The documentation and sample screens pretty much cover the bases, at least for the ads. I’m hoping the IAP demos are just as easy to work with. Support aside, I love this plugin and will be using it for a long while to come. I’m hoping the author keeps updating it as he has been and adds some more support for other networks like vungle, etc. Still trying to figure out all this advertising stuff myself.

Oh, and moved the office to the other room.. doubled the space.. better acoustics too.. win-win for me!