Well, made a ton of progress on Lady Goldfish in the past month. If you’re not keeping up on our facebook page, you should be! Check the link to the right! Let’s see.. We now have a fully functioning home built high scores and promo codes system for the game based off php, c# and mysql running on my own host. I tried a lot of prebuilt systems but they just didn’t have what I wanted, or were just a pain to implement and work with.. so .. Roll you own! I’m also considering achievements, but if I did, they would also end up home grown and not using google play or anything like that.. what a pain to handle all the different markets.. ugh..

The main menu is also completely done, ads are showing and in-app purchases are completely done and tested on several android devices. I will still need to work on moving those over to the Windows store, and then eventually iOS, but that’s later down the road. To start at least, android will be the easiest target. I have added several game modes to the game, so aside from the normal game play there will be a timed game.. basically you get a set time.. every something collected adds to that timer.. no lives.. havent decided if its going to have a lives system or just go till you run out of time.. Arcade mode, similiar but no lives at all; just one boat and your health, no timer, play till you die..

The high score system will track game modes and from the main menu you can actually sort the scores according to game mode, or all combined. I did implement to score lists, a local scores for just you on your device, and a global high score system to see how you rank.. For those that backed the game, I’m not actually going to create a seperate full APK for android; I’m just going to give out promo-codes to each person to redeem to remove the ads, unlock the boat pack and remove the night time levels if they want.

I’ve started getting the game modes implemented in the game itself, although since these were added later, it’s a little time consuming searching for where things are tallied and updated and modifying them. I still want to add some more obstacles into the game as well, and I’m determined to have natives on the islands with bows and arrows.. but time will tell if it’s actually going to add to the game and if its worth the time investment to do so..