Seems like I lost some posts here somewhere, so this will be just a quick recap. I’m currently working on two different projects right now. A Shark Named Steve is actually nearing completion. Most of the gameplay is all built and now its just build the infrastructure for the in-app purchases, add their effects in, add in the ads and more.. Most of this is handled already using Reign Studios Unified Mobile Plugin, so it should be quick to implement..

Taking a break from that, I’m back to work on Coastal Glide, this time built with Unity. It’s definitely sped up the process, but at the same time some parts have been slowed considerably. Rewriting the majority of the screens has been kind of a pain, but most of the logic can be copied and pasted from the old codebase. It’s just a matter of reworking all of the input to handle the way Unity handles it. Sometimes this makes life easy, sometimes its a major pain in my behind..

Ah well, time to get back to work!