Ahhh, Moving day! The rotting smell of a fresh dungeon.. The lingering stench of crushed treasure hunters in the air. It’s all yours, just like last time! Hopefully this time you won’t be over run by all those pesky paladins and zombies!

Guide all of your Minionz into their new homes but beware of the trials and tribulations ahead of you! This dungeon may be new to you, but it’s been here a while! Traps await along with a host of knights, zombies and skeletons out to ruin your grandiose plans! Collect the treasures you find to help you along your way!

Welcome home master!


Sometime in January I got an idea for taking a color matching game and adding some fun and strategy to it. There’s been plenty out there, but how about not just color matching, but changing the number of colors / lanes, adding some enemies, of course some treasure collection and then some! Figured it would be pretty easy to write, and well it was.. There was one minor mishap where a bad import/export may have kinda wiped out all of the main gameplay code as well as a bunch of other stuff that I had to rewrite completely from scratch, but it turned out a lot better! Was a tremendous exercise in frustration though!

Anyways, been working on this non stop for the past month or two and it’s almost ready, and I’m looking at an april release! Wooohooo! Theres still some stuff to do, but it’s sitting about 80% complete! ┬áConfirmation and reject dialogues are now built for all store items, and coded.. so now all I have to do is award the item, subtract the cost and play the award animations, which are already done.. That was the last major part of the GUI After that, flesh out the help screens, add and enable the UI buttons in game for the different IAP’s you can use (minor really) and implement them (again minor really).. The only really big thing left is setting up the level select screens and making the game play go off the level goals, and tracking variables.