So over the weekend, in between binge watching shows, I did manage to get a good amount of coding done. We now have fully functional ghosts, flying skulls and cockroaches in the game. Roaches are just there, scurrying around the screen and some levels may require you to smash X amount.. We don’t want dirty roaches in our dungeon!

The flying skulls.. Pests, nothing more. Relatively weak, but they fly out and smash into whatever object is first in their path.

Ghosts.. Ghosts on the other hand are horrible creatures! These guys will destroy your dungeon, and will come out and rain destruction on one lane, move to another, and then yet another. Relatively weak, but you want to smite them as soon as possible!

Next up on the agenda is to work on some stone monsters that will rise up out of the ground. Nothing more than an obstacle really, but they might shoot fire. Not sure yet. After that I’ll move to making sure all of the bonus items work properly and then level design (Have to figure out how many levels I want in the initial release, more will depend on download and player numbers). I do still need to build in tracking for goal compeletion, but thats a pretty simple task really. Still a few tweaks I need to make, especially on swipe controls for a couple things, but otherwise it’s looking good for release in april still!