Rolling a couple of these updates into one here.. Tonight (3/3) I managed to get the gameplay scene loadingand using most of the actual level information. There’s still plenty more variables to grab and set for each level, as well as some tweaks I’ll need to make, but it’s all coming together without much effort at all. Right now Im fighting the sleep thing, so I may kill it for now and pick it back up tomorrow. It’s not always good to code when your tired.. I tend to over-complicate things, which I’ve already done once or twice tonight!

I also have all of the level info and select screens done and completed, including showing appropriate goals for each level and times. Next up will be moving back to the actual game play itself and reiterating the level goals, and then going back and coding and designing the bonus item ui and effects. Most of these are already built in for other things and it will just be a matter of tweaking them for different time lengths, etc. After that I’ll need to do up the pause menu and level win/lose interfaces and then make sure the level system is updated properly with fails and wins. The only other thing to do is build the help screens and fill the credits page with the right stuff. That will be all for the android build. For the windows build I still need to look into integrating the Microsoft Advertising SDK and/or Vungle and make sure I can get some video interstitials. Im still toying with the idea of a banner, but I think I may stick to video interstitials on the bonus wheel, and possibly every x amount of levels. Not sure on that part yet. 

Right now I figure I’ll have the majority of the game done this weekend, maybe next. I’m still aiming on releasing sometime towards the middle or end of April. That gives me time to build all of the levels I want to include in the initial game as well as work on advertising solutions for other platforms. I have yet to find a viable video interstitial ad for Amazon, so what I may do instead is go with their Amazon Underground project, release it for free without ad’s, and maybe adjust it to drop the IAP’s or to increment the rewards on the wheel. That will be a decision I’ll have to make a lot later. I know there’s several video ad supported games on amazon, just need to find one that works for me.

Couple shots of the level selection screens! Enjoy!

linfo  Image2  Image1