Well, the time has come and Minionz Ho is officially done, at least as far as coding goes! I do have some more to do with the level design, but thats a simple form that I have to repeatedly fill out and submit in order to build the levels.. Simple enough there! I also have some minor tweaks to do on graphics to clean up some edges on some of the images, but otherwise I expect to have this up and on the android store within the next two weeks!

Windows versions will be coming as well as an Amazon version, but first I need to find some good video ad setups that work well with those markets. Alternatively on those versions I might use a full page interstitial ad and figure out where I’m going from there. I’m also debating on an Amazon Underground version, removing the IAP and allowing a ‘daily bonus’, as well as making the wheel simply a timed bonus with no ad to get in the way. At least I have some thoughts and plans for those versions in the works.

The screenshot is an ingame shot taken earlier this morning!